Newsletter 17-08-06

Summer Fayre – Saturday 12th August 2017 11.00 am – 2.00 pm – Join us for a fun afternoon with plenty to keep you entertained including stalls, games, face painting, refreshments and live music from Penkhull Village Brass – more details coming soon.

Welcome to the Minster Church of St Peter ad Vincula.  The City of Stoke-on-Trent has no Cathedral. However, St Peter ad Vincula is its historic and civic church. It was granted the status of a Minster in 2005 by the Bishop of Lichfield in recognition that Stoke Minster fulfills the ‘cathedral’ role in this city.

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The Revd Canon Andrew Wickens


To learn of its history and present role please see the short video below.

Some time in the 7th century the Saxon Hoard was buried in the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia, At about the same time  Christian missionaries arrived at a ‘sacred site’ or ‘Stoke’ by the river Trent. A wooden cross would have been erected  to claim the site for Christ. The first church was built and dedicated  to St Peter’s chains (St Peter ad Vincula). Here would have been based a mynster -a community of prayer –  bringing the gospel to this part of Mercia.  Here are the  very foundations of the modern city of Stoke-on-Trent. Outside the church, the carved Anglo-Saxon stone pillar still stands and is the oldest ancient monument in the City of Stoke-on-Trent. Inside the Anglo-Saxon font is still used for baptism. The church has strong links with the industrial revolution in Stoke. Josiah Wedgwood, the famous potter, who worked to break the chains of slavery, is buried here. Members of the Spode family have their memorials here. Spode also contributed to the rebuilding of the church in 1826. On 17th May 2005 the Bishop of Lichfield designated St Peter’s as the Minster church for the CIty of Stoke on Trent.  The BAFTA winning drama ‘Marvellous’ was partially filmed in Stoke Minster. The church is well worth a visit.  Father David Lingwood, Former Rector of Stoke Minster. 

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