Christianity is way of life based on the Bible, but Christians have been inspired to to put together short summaries of our faith, called “Creeds”. Creeds are not meant to be strait jackets, but they are sign posts to stop us wandering away from the path of love and getting lost. The creeds were hammered out by The Ecumencial councils of the early church and have been the basis of orthodox faith ever since. The most important are the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed. Both of these catholic creeds are used in Anglican worship and form the basis of our faith.

However, although they do not have the same universal acceptance, Christians still try to produce short summaries of their faith. Here is a modern one.

Christians believe:

  • We are created by a loving God
  • Life is not just a cosmic accident
  • We are created for a purpose
  • It is easy to spoil it!
  • We are created for good relationships and strong communities
  • Selfishness leads to self-destruction
  • We all need forgiveness
  • God says we are never too bad to be forgiven
  • The life of Jesus is our model
  • The death of Jesus is God’s loving “Yes!” to sharing all our struggles
  • The resurrection is God’s “No!” to all the powers of evil, and all that hurts and destroys us.
  • God longs that we should worship Him in fellowship with others
  • Its hard to be a Christian on your own
  • God invites us to share in his work of building a world of love, peace and justice
  • Christianity is no arm-chair religion!
  • God wants us to care for the creation

Find out more about Christian belief at here.  or come to one of our Basic Faith Groups.


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