What is an Urban Minster?

112For further details read the  Urban Minsters Report written by Prebendary David Lingwood in 2009.

On the 17th May 2005, St Peter ad Vincula, the historic church of the Potteries, was designated a Minster by Rt Rev Jonathan Gledhill, the then Bishop of Lichfield. It became the “Minster Church of St Peter ad Vincula” or “Stoke Minster” for short.  Since then, a number of large Urban Areas have also had their premier church designated as a Minster.  In essence, an Urban Minster plays the role of a Cathedral in a large post-industrial city or urban conurbation which has no Cathedral Church. Its ministry is therefore, NOT primarily to a geographical parish, but to the whole city and the networks within in.

On Sunday 10th May 2015  a special service of thanksgiving and affirmation of the city was held to commemorate St Peter’s ten years as a Minster. A Commemorative mug was kindly produced by Wedgwood and presented to the Bishop of Lichfield.


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