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Rector of Stoke: The Revd Canon Andrew Wickens. Having joined the Stoke Team in March 2017, Revd Andrew is Rector of Stoke Minster, leads the team, and is Ecumenical Churches/City Link Officer. This includes the responsibility for the relations between the Minster and the City. 

Minster Priest and Team Vicar of All Saints: Rev Geoff EzeWP_20140401_007Geoff is the priest in charge of  All Saints Hanley. With the aid of a Heritage Grant this building is undergoing a major refurbishment including the installation of a chapel for the small Sunday congregation. He has a responsibility at the Minster and is the main link with the educational establishments namely: Stoke Minster School, Waterside School, St Peter’s Academy and the Sixth Form College.


Curate: Fr Bill Durose was ordained as a Deacon  in June 2014 at Lichfield Cathedral, and as Priest in June 2015. He serves as a locally ordained minister within the team. This means that he remains in his full time employment at the local Sainsburys, but serves as an unpaid curate within the team. Bill has worship at Stoke Minster for over  30 years.

Team Vicar of Fenton. Fr Tommy Merry is the latest
image1.JPGaddition to the Team, being appointed in June 2016. He is the Team Vicar for the two Fenton churches: Christ Church and St Paul’s. St Paul’s has been part of the team for many years but Christ church is now being added to create the new Team of Stoke & Fenton. Fr Tommy was trained at Mirfield. He is no stranger to Stoke-on-Trent as, before he came to Fenton, he was curate in the Hanley Team.

Rev Vivienne Flanagan is Chaplain to St Peter’s AcademyIMAG0181 but also licensed to the Stoke Team. Vivienne’s full-time involvement is the the school. However, she does take occasionally services and has a special responsibility for the children’s’ work at Stoke Minster. 

Retired Locally Ordained Minister: Rev Pauline LocklPaulineey. Pauline is a retired head teacher. Originally a member of the All Saints congregation, she served the team for ten years as a Reader. In 2002 she was ordained a Locally Ordained Priest. She is now retired (again!) but continues to assist in leading worship and preaching. She has a particular commitment to the parish prayer group.

Reader: Roger Brammer. Roger was licensed as a Reader in 2012.WP_20140401_033  He assists in leading worship and preaching. He frequently leads the Sunday and mid-week Evening Prayer services. Roger is a poet and has had a book ‘Lone Sail’ published. Roger helps run the Contemplative Prayer Group which meets at the Minster fortnightly on a Tuesday.

 John WalleyJohn Walley was licensed in 2012 as an Accredited Lay Minster in the parish. He has a particular ministry of Pastoral Care. He takes the Sacrament out to the sick and housebound. He often assists at funerals and baptism. He has a ministry of following up funeral by phone and is available on a Wednesday morning at the Minster as ‘a listening ear’.

Administrator. Mandy Administratorwas appointed as the part-time administrator for the parish in January 2016.
She is based in the office in Stoke Minster. She is normally there on a Tuesday morning. Mandy and her family are regular worshippers at Stoke Minster.

Jill Plamer.jpgThe Team Wardens for the Parish are Jill Palmer and Mike Shaw . Mike ShawMike worships at Stoke Minster and Jill at St Paul’s Mount Pleasant on Sunday and at Stoke Minster at the Wednesday Eucharist.




12 thoughts on “Staff

  1. Hello, My name is Andrew Gould and I write this from New Zealand. I am seeking some historical information about the Church as part of some research I am doing. Specifically I was wanting to confirm who the Reverend was at the Church in the period 1862-1865. I am guessing there was a single position at the Church that would have carried this title at that time. I have not yet been able to find this information via the internet and some records held at the city appear to be available in microfiche only. I hope the information I am seeking is not onerous and can be readily located. Many thanks in advance for any assistance you might be able to provide.

      • Do you keep records of births, deaths, marriages, etc for St Peters? My ancestor was married there in 1775 and I’d like to know who his parents were so that we can follow the family line.
        Paul Mollatt

    • Hi Andrew,
      Just noticed your message.
      Rev Lovelace Tomlinson Stamer (Baronet) was Rector of Stoke from 1858 – 1892. He came from a Irish aristocratic family. He was very influential in Stoke and oversaw a number of alterations in the church. There is a memorial plaque to him in the church,
      Fr David

    • Hi Kevin,
      Yes, we have a short guide book costing £2.00 but with £1.50 posting and packaging (assuming you are in the UK)
      orders should be sent to
      Stoke Rectory
      Smithpool Road
      ST4 4PP

      David Lingwood, Rector.

  2. I apologise, you must get these requests all the time from amateur genealogists, I found a photograph of my grandfather Rev. Samuel Hare in your history section WW1 with a group photograph of the Rev Henry Venn Stuart, Rector of Stoke, (Samuel Hare is the last on the right wearing glasses). He was a curate at this time, went to war and returned, I think, to become rector of St Judes at Hanley, Do you perhaps have any further information. thank you Sue brown

    • Hello Sue,

      Thank you for your enquiry. We have passed your details onto our Parish Warden – Mike Shaw, who will endeavour to pass on any further information that we have about your grandfather to you direct. Best wishes.

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